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What are top development skills?

This is an important question for someone, who just started the way in Information Technology.
What are the most important skills that are in demand today and will be in a bigger demand tomorrow?

We used to have a simple answer: a software developer must know programming languages and tools.

With the shift to Service-oriented architecture (SOA), we added another important skill: a developer should understand business, so s/he can develop meaningful services that reflect business needs.

Under SOA umbrella, professionals are engaged today in Microservices, REST API Modeling Language (RAML), and the Metadata tools, such as DataSense by MuleSoft, and others that extend software semantic evolution.

We come close to another turn of the profession, where a new set of skills is becoming priceless.
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- Knowledge-Driven Architecture | US Patent | Yefim Zhuk | Driving applications with business scenarios

- Adaptive Mobile Robot System | US Patent | Yefim Zhuk | Integrating software and knowledge engineering with robotic technologies

- Collaborative security and decision making | US and 15 European countries, Patent| Yefim Zhuk/Boeing | Turning a beautiful idea of collaborative decision into a system

- Rules Collector System and Method | US Patent | Yefim Zhuk/Boeing | Formalizing expert knowledge into rules, which can be used for solving the next problem in the expert-computer brainstorming

- Distributed Active Knowledge and Process | US Patent | Jeff (Yefim) Zhuk/Yahoo | Collaborative access and negotiation for data and services

- Design Factory | Patent Pending

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